Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girls In Trucks

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So last week I went on a cruise and I was in the mood for sitting in the sun drinking a Pina Colada and reading a brainless hunk of chick lit.  And that is precisely what I did.  The sun was wonderful, the Pina Colada was delicious but the book... Meh...  I tend to like my chick lit a little more funny, a lot more steamy, and a little less of a downer.  Girls In Trucks just didn't bring that to the table, and I finished it with a sun tan, a fabulous Pina Colada induced buzz, and a real need to fling the book into the ocean (I didn't do that by the way).  The writing was beautiful and the cover was swoonable, but the story was inconsistent and it felt like a bunch of episodes of a sitcom that weren't in order.  

Sarah is a d├ębutante in Charleston and she just doesn't feel like she belongs.  Her high society family is all about Southern appearance and Sarah tries to go against the grain whenever humanly possible.  After she graduates from high school and has her coming out party she heads to New York where she slaves away at a job she isn't happy with while she searches for Mr. Right the whole time sleeping with a football teams worth of Mr. Wrongs.  She falls in love hard with Max and he is alright for a little while until he wants her to have very rough sex with him and at first she thinks it is scary and weird and then she kinda likes it because it makes him happy.  Pretty much she needs a good kick in the butt to get her out of that very unhealthy relationship and he needs some meds because he is one twist short of a Slinky.  There is a lot of booze and a lot more sex with a lot more men and a lot more self pity and nothing really gets resolved... ever.  The one thing Sarah has going for her are her dysfunctional group of friends, they are interesting at least, but they are just as big of a mess as she is.

I wasn't expecting the next great american novel here but I was expecting a little laugh like that hilarious Shopaholic gal or at least the Southern charm of the YaYa Sisterhood, but I didn't get any of that.  Unfortunately this book just sort of fizzled out for me and I don't think I would recommend it to anyone.

BOOK vs. MOVIE: Nope.

RATING: 2 Star

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Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch
(given to me by my Sister-in-law)
ISBN 0316002119
Pages: 256

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  1. Thanks for the link! It was Men & Dogs that I read, but I agree, Katie Crouch is no Rebecca Wells! Sorry the experience was a disappointment - I know the feeling and there really is nothing worse. But glad the drinks lived up to expectation!

  2. I was interested about Men and Dogs, I'll have Katie Crouch another chance, you can't judge and author by only one book. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover. The first thing I noticed was how awesome the cover was. However, after reading the review I think the cover would be as far as I would get. Great review, very informative.

    Ha ha. Your comments made me laugh. The layout does look very wordpress, but like you said it's still blogger. Thanks for saying you like the new blog look. Hugs.

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