Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

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Oh my! It has been quite a long time since my last post!  I am so sorry for the hiatus but I have a good excuse this time.  I own a bridal boutique and guess what season it is? (Let me give you a hint... "Here comes the bride....").  It has been completely out of control for a couple weeks now so I have had no time to blog much less read!!!  Have no fear though, I have been listening to audio books on my commute to and from work so I have a couple waiting in the wings.  However the last book I read was The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan, and even though I am not a YA lover this book was about Zombies!!!  I mean come on y'all ZOMBIES!!!!  And they snack on people!  And it is gruesome and there is unrequited love and then the love is requited, and there is some young adult drama; and did I mention there are Zombies EVERYWHERE???  They are just waiting to take a wee bite out of someones arm and turn them in to the living dead too!!  And there are some parts that are uber intense, and made me sleep with my light on when my husband was on shift at the firehouse. Whooo... (*big breath*). 

OK so here it goes ladies and gents...  The world has been taken over by the "Unconsecrated" and the survivors are forced to live in these little villages that are fortified by fences.  However, it has been so long sense the world has been over run by the living dead that the villages are isolated from each other and none of the villages are sure if the other villages are still around or if they have been taken over by the flesh eaters.  This story takes place in one such village and that is where we meet Mary.  She is restless and wants more in life than what is between the fortified fence.  But she knows that there is no way to get past the Forest of Hands and Teeth (an unfortunate name by the way) and explore what else is out there.  Eventually there is a breach in the fence and the village is over run by the zombies, and you guys this isn't a spoiler because there has to be a breach or else this story would suck.  Anyway Mary and her friends are on the run through the deadly forest being chased by the cast from Dawn of the Dead.  Will they find another village?  Will they all make it?  Will there be some twists and turns?  I am not telling! You will have to find out for your selves.  

Alright I am not saying that this book is fabulous, the writing is eh, and the story has some dangly bits that don't really get resolved or really have a point to the story; but what do you expect from a Zombie story?  I mean you don't really expect a zombie flick to win an Oscar, am I right?  It is what it is and just take it as a quick read that would be good for summer vacation.  I am waiting for the second book (did I mention this is a series?) to become available at my library so I can see what else is going on with these characters.  You all will be the first to know what I think about book 2 (The Dead Tossed Waves) I promise.  

BOOK vs. MOVIE: This book has been picked up by Seven Star Pictures for a film adaption.  There is even some talk that Twilight star Kristen Stewart may play the lead (the horror! Isn't one teen book series turn movie series enough for one person?)  Will I go and see it?  Yeah probably.  I'm always down for a good zombie movie on the big screen. 

RATING: 3 stars

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The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
(purchased at a used book shop)
ISBN 9780385736817
Pages 308

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  1. You own a bridal salon?! How fun! (Well, I *think* it would be fun.) I am, of course, instantly picturing you on an episode of "Say yes to the dress."

  2. I dread trying on wedding dresses and I will need to do that shortly (well, shortly in that I'm engaged but we have until September of 2011 until the wedding).

    I liked this book but didn't think it was amazing. The second book I'm on the shelf about currently. I'm listening to it and I'm almost finished. It has been pretty good and I don't think it has been as whiny as I felt the first book was. It still has some good zombie parts.

  3. Great review! I've been scared to try this one.

    I'm married but I have the sudden urge to check out your shop the next time I'm in KY :)